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Words from an interviewee:

I think the only moment that we will ever find unity in our commonality is if we find a new enemy, which gets to that sci-fi thing if and when the aliens appear and they attack us... honestly I think it's that. It needs to be something so foreign to us... a common threat we can see. Of course, we have a threat that's going on right now. It's invisible and it's not unifying any of us. It's just creating more division...We really need a boogeyman for human nature because we're just evolved idiots. We're animals.

As a first generation, mixed-race person. I walk into a space and I feel I get categorized, with the skin that I have and the face that I wear, and I'm the "Asian person." I'm always labeled as Asian...But you have erased half my family when you say that I am just Asian, you're saying I'm not my mother's son. When I get shunned by Latine communities..."you're not really one of us," I don't speak the language and "you're not really one of us," you're telling me I'm not my mother's son...

My wife and her family have a family genealogist. They go 11 generations deep.

My sons are second generation [Asian/Latine] and 5th generation [southern city] and have some shit to deal with... like their great great grandfather was instrumental in the Battle of Liberty Place, which was the overthrowing of the government here in favor of the White League. "Your great grandfather was instrumental in creating the museum of the Confederate soldier. You are sons of the Confederacy"... This will never be where I am from but this is my children's cultural and ancestral home... I'm curious what their experience of this country will be as mixed race sons of the Confederacy.

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