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Conservative and for free community college

Word from an interviewee:

"What racism?"

I love America. I have an American flag hanging on my house. I am a big proponent of the concept of a unified America. I am not a big fan of divisionist focus upon race and background. I think it does a tremendous disservice to our nation, especially right now. We are facing a huge threat by Russia and China.

I've been blessed. I'm a South American immigrant of European background. My experience of America has been nothing but tremendously positive and fulfilling. That's maybe a self-centered view of it because I haven't really faced it. Having not faced racism myself, I can only refer to the experiences of others.

Conservatives talk much more about what happens in the home rather than government. I am socially Conservative but not fiscally Conservative. I think government has an interesting role where they can impact dynamically the economy to get folks to participate. We're so individualistic in America...

Education is huge. I'm a proponent of early head start. Government can have some impact...

I'm very Conservative, but fiscally, when we talk about free community college - I think America should have free community college. I think we should divert a portion of our defense budget to free community college. That's something that some of my Conservative friends will go, "you're crazy?" But I do care, and as a person of faith I work with - I go to a Spanish speaking church -- I try to mentor some of these kids. I tell them you have a tremendous opportunity here, but you have to put in the effort.

What will get rid of racism I think? Our common American ideals. My vision of an America without racism is a fantastic vision where a lot of people who maybe are getting lost can become the engineer our country needs. I'm a capitalist. It's got to come from the productive apparatus. How do we impact folks in lower income jobs? I envision a non-race focus America.

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