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Consensus Organizing for Theater

Consensus Organizing for Real Women Have Curves at Pasadena Playhouse, 2015


Consensus Organizing for Theater (CO) is an artistic methodology through which a theater builds stake in multiple pockets of communities and those communities build stake back in the theater by surfacing and organizing around mutual self-interest.


Adapted from Mike Eichler’s Consensus Organizing Model for community social work and redevelopment, Consensus Organizing for Theater was developed and codified by Seema at Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company, from 2008-2013, where it achieved, on average, 93% audience capacity, partnerships of mutual self-interest with an average of 30 diverse organizations per production, and resulted in Mo`olelo never suffering a deficit the 9 years Seema served as Executive Artistic Director.

Seema scaled up CO at The Pasadena Playhouse where, in two years from 2014-2016, the methodology delivered over 6,000 new audience members, earned over $200,000 in new ticket sales, and attracted over $2 million in grants from regional and national foundations.


Seema teaches workshops on Consensus Organizing for Theater. Participants have included:

Ordway Center for the Performing Arts (2020)

George Mason University, Guest Lecture (2016-2020)

Minnesota Opera (2017)
Seattle Repertory Theatre (2015)
Twin Cities Cultural Leaders Group (2015)
University of Minnesota (2015)
People’s Light (2015)
Trinity Repertory Company/Brown University (2015)

For more information about Consensus Organizing for Theater, contact Seema here.

Organizing communities for performances of Real Women Have Curves

Consensus Organizing workshop for the Twin Cities Cultural Leaders Group

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