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fighting over resources

Words from an interviewee:

It's a pipe dream.

I have a degree in African American Studies. Thinking from an academic point of view and my experiential point of view. Racism is not real. It is something we constructed to help us maintain our social order. We're going to construct something to maintain social order so long as we live in societies that are too large for our brains to comprehend. There is only so much information that we can take in, and I don't know if we can truly process the diversity of the human genome without having the necessity to separate and segregate and categorize. If everything was equal and if we truly lived on an earth where everyone had everything they needed because the earth provided it and we were all living off the earth, I think we could maintain equilibrium even though we see all the diversity within us. We wouldn't have the need to be like, "Ok here's the green people, the orange people, the purple people and I'm this." It would not matter because you have everything you need, you're good, you don't care. But since that is not the case, since we are fighting for resources, we're going to naturally think in terms of small groups and tribes because that's the only way our brain is going to be able to figure out how do I get food? How do I get all the resources the earth has to offer? So we self segregate and put these groupings on us and say, "you're this you're this you're this," and we spend all of our energy figuring out what the differences are so we can continue grouping and explain why someone is more suited to have the resources than others. That's what racism is. It is complete bullshit and it's a problem humanity will have forever as long as we have to fight over things.

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