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energy follows words

Words from an interviewee:

“To imagine anything is not difficult,” she said with an insightful smile.

She was the 15th interviewee and the first to say she could imagine a U.S. without racism. Up until then, everyone said it was impossible or difficult to imagine. She was a visual artist of indigenous ancestry. She referenced Neptune in her astrological chart, the planet of imagination.

“But,” she added, “it’s really hard to achieve.” She talked about her experiences with racism all her life, from her childhood when her father denied their Native American roots and claimed to be of pure Spanish/European ancestry to pass. “I’m only 6% Spanish, but he felt if we pass, we could have a better life.”

She quoted the Mayan saying, “In Lak’ech Ala K’in,” which means “I am another you, you are another me. “Until we learn we’re all connected, racism won’t go away. It’s up to us to do it. I have faith in humanity that we won’t lose all our humanity.”

She believes the artists’ job is to help people evolve. “When you teach art, you use your mind to be creative, to find new solutions.”

Her parting thoughts were, “Words are how we manifest things. Energy follows words. I envision there being no racism in the U.S. Say it and make it true. Create it.”

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