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meet the recommenders

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

The interviewees of "imagine a u.s. without racism" were introduced to me by friends, family and acquaintances who introduced me to their friends, family and acquaintances who agreed to be interviewed or who connected me with others. Here are some of the folks across the U.S. who helped me find people to interview. Huge appreciation to them.

Aisha & Daniel Talley

Alexander Robinson

Allison Thomas

Anne Kauffman

Beach Vickers

Becky Olsen

Ben Nesselhuf

Bill Rauch

Blake Robison

Bob Hupp

Brenda DeVita

Charles Chamblee

Chris McDonald

Craig Lucas

Dafina McMillan

Darwin Harris

Delicia Turner Sonnenberg

E. Ethelbert Miller

E Gilliam

Emily Calderin

Eric Johnson


Greg Keng Strasser

Hilkka Bold

Holli Hornlein

Idris Goodwin

Jana Arkell

Jen Mayer

Jerry Mayer

Jessica James-Hill

Jim Mowrer

John Austin

Johnny Ray Gill

Jonathan Cude

Joyce Schuman

Kathryn Martin

Kenji & Kim Nakahara Treanor

Kim Ford

Kim Richmond

Lady Mason

Laurie Goodman

Linda Hartzell

Lisa Kozleski & John Harding

Lisa Mount

Lisa Portes

Liz Engelman

Mark J. Lerman

Mary Kathryn Nagle

Marya Mazor

Michael Baron

Mike Bonifer

Mike Veseth

Molly Smith

Nancy Matsumoto

Nandita Shenoy

Neda Spears

Nelson Eusebio

Pat Richardson

Patty Crosby & David Crosby

Peter J. Harris

Rebecca Noon

Rick Froehlich

Rick King

Rui Rita

Ryan Merkel

Sara Laird Veneble

Sean-Joseph Choo

Shaun Taylor-Corbett

Shelley Butler

Stacey Prince

Steven Grundman

Stuart Carden

Tin'e Martin

Todd Schultz

Troy Hirsch

Victor Zupanc

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