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meet the interviewees

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Here they are, in alphabetical order by last name. These are the generous and diverse group of individuals who spent an hour (sometimes more) on Zoom or the phone with me, sharing their experiences, insights, and wisdom. They range in age from 16-85, and represent a spectrum of political, racial, ethnic, gender, religious, ability, geographic, and socio- economic identities and sexual orientations. (Please note, not all interviewees wanted their photos shared. Thus, this image isn't representative of the full group; and the photos are arranged in random order. Also, a handful of interviewees requested to be anonymous.)



Mary A. Arkell

Anna Berlanga

Arlen Beyer

Andy Boulter

Wendy Bremner

Jebby Burns

Colleen Byrne

Katherine Castillo

Charles Chamblee, Sr.

Charles Chamblee, Jr.

Yen-Ling Chang

Lisa Cornell

Courtney Davis

Piper N. Davis

Courtney Davison

Christopher LuGrand Dawkins

Marianne Deanault

Amy Desrosiers

Thomas A. Dickson

Marcial Dieguez

Kelvin Dinkins, Jr.

Tysha DiRaffaele

Tom Edwards

Solomon Robert Nui Enos

Brian J. Evans

Yetunde Felix-Ukwu

Robert Forbis

Stuart Frazier

Kristin G. Salkil

Michacia "Miki" Galloway

Mimi Gan

Laurie D. Goodman

Melanie Guerrero O'Rourke

Chandra Guinn

Cinthya Padilla Harris

Charlie Hoffman

Brad Hoover

Dani Howard

Navita Cummings James

Jessica James-Hill

Debby Johnson

Timothy Johnson

Kaleigh K. Jones

Ricardo Khan

Rachael Leonhart

Ramona Dallum Lindsey

Pola Lopez

Alice Lovelace-Riley

Marie-Monique Marthol

Mary Q. Maxwell

Tom McDonald

Tasha McGahee-Shangvi

Jennifer McKnight

Dafina T. McMillan

Anden Mehringer

Jenny Mercein

Liz Merrill

Rod Milam

Mira Moore

Sharon Leslie Morgan

Asha Moses

Jim Mowrer

Ryan Murray

Ben Nesselhuf

Rock Newman

Peter Noon

Bart O'Beirne

Rebecca L. Olsen

Jason Owens

Kristin Pauker

Dan Pruksarnukul

Dr. Valyncia Raphael-Woodward

Roderick Red

Tamara Rhone

Pat Richardson

Mona Robinson

Linda C. Ross

Khanh Russo

Christopher Samih-Rotondo

Hina Sherwani

Cheyenne B. Singleton

Terry L. Smith

Therron Stackley

Tony Strong

James Trosper

Karen Trubitt

Rafael Untalan

Diana Varela

J.P. Weisheit

Debbie Whitaker

Lyric Williams

Cameron Wong

Kathryn Māhealani Wong

Jasmine Wood

Dillon Yruegas

Laurie Zwingli

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Wingand Prayer
Wingand Prayer
Mar 21, 2022

Thank you all interviewees for a life well lived as a mixed blood human! Never forget that," All the colors of the rainbow are in our family tree woven all together in a beautiful paisley tapestry. We are not just a color and the color is not just you, everyone is precious in the fathers site it don't matter red or yellow, black or white or tan we are all precious in the Fathers site! " Thank you owner of Mixed Blood Theatre for keeping the name and legacy of your theatre alive and thriving! Blessing to this cast, writers and all involved may your story and play send a ripple of love throughout the world. Seema you are …

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